Information about the breed


The Russian Blue breed comes from western Russia. The origins of this breed date back to the 17th century.

Other names:
Archangel Blue, Maltese Blue.

It first appeared on a Crysta Palace Show in 1875 as Archangel Blue Cat.

The Russian Blue Cats are of medium size and slim figure. They reach mass of about 4-6kg. The Russian Blue Cats have been perceived as an exceptional phenomenon for a long time now. They were a guest on polish courts as early as in the 17th century. According to the legend Russian tsar Mikolaj II had a Russia Blue and he trusted her with all the national secrets. Two of this breed were also citizens of the Vatican City during the John Paul II pontificate. As for any other cat the most important are the few first weeks of their lives, because, when properly raised, they have an amazing ability to teach their human caretakers to understand cat’s needs.
Young kittens are very curious. Anything that is new for them has to be examined and sniffed. Despite the fact that they love to sightsee all the recesses of the home they live in, they hardly ever break anything. They are very friendly and they love to play with feathers and strings. They like the company of other cats and even dogs.  They are incredibly sensitive towards humans. The Russian Blue chooses its master and gets attached to them. They try to ”help” in all the activities. The above average intelligence of the Russian Blue allows them to learn simple tricks including fetching and communicating with other household members.  These cats are very interested in the world, they like to travel. They take good and long care of their children, even the 6-month-old ones. They demand frequent attention from their caretakers. The Russian Blue is an elegant and loyal companion.
The Russian Blue is a noble animal, full of grace and dignity, trustful, without an ounce of aggression, emotional and attached to humans. It is an intelligent and quiet animal that is easy to train, it is quite obedient without  taking offence too often or maliciousness. It has been proven that these cats very rarely cause allergies. You can travel with these cats, they don’t get too stressed if their beloved caretaker is nearby. The adult cat with its majestic moves doesn’t cause any damage. They are exceptionally nosy. Let something happen in the house, something might spill, break, get lost  and the cat will immediately offer the least expected help. These cats– as any other cats  don’t like too much noise, lack of stability or dirty toilet.  They perfectly assimilate with children and other animals. They observe with great interest birds, butterflies, flies or may beetles fly by outside the window…


It is a shorthair cat with a good bone structure, slim with tall legs, quite big pointy ears with not too much fur on them, green eyes, exceptionally characteristic whiskers and a long tail. The nose is straight and grey, and the pads on the paws are lavender. Every hair ends with silver, and the underfur is very thick and of the same length as the rest of the fur, which gives an illusion of velveteen. This one of its kind fur was formed by the harsh north climate. The maintenance of this cat is not complicated and doesn’t require any fancy procedures.



Genetic analysis has shown that these cats are associated with mummified cats about 5,500 years ago! This is an extremely original cat, has a uniform spotted fur coat and a beautiful classic construction with perfect proportions. The Abyssinian cat is a balanced and gentle cat with a great temperament. He can be shy, timid, restrained and distrustful of strangers, but generally lives well with other cats and very attached to his owner. He is agile, he likes to climb obstacles, so he should have a post with shelves and platforms at his disposal. He is very intelligent, bright and inquisitive. It is usually in places where something is happening. It requires attention and providing him with fun and entertainment. He can learn some tricks. At the same time, he is very stubborn and usually strives to achieve his feline goals. Its fur is easy to keep clean with a little bit of combing. Large ears must be controlled, regularly cleaned by using cotton sticks. In the textbook of the International Breeders Abyssinian it is written: “This is one of the most intelligent cats we have a chance to breed. “A manual for a potential owner describes these cats as” great friends and collaborators with people “.

colors of Abyssinian cat’s fur

wild coat – blue – sorrel – beige and fawn


Angle. – short-haired
General structure – medium size, flexible and muscular body
Fur – soft, silky with fine texture, medium length, each has 2 or 3 stripes of different colors
The head – a little round in the shape of a wedge, slightly curved in the profile, is neither pointed nor square
Nose – medium length
Beard – prominent
Eyes – large, slightly oval but not almond, shiny and expressive
Ears – large and vigilant
The body – long flexible and full of grace
Legs – slim and bony Paws – small and round
Tail – thick at the base quite long and narrowing downwards



A unique cat for people who value subtle elegance and a gentle, friendly character.
Very similar to the Siamese cat, it differs from it only in small details. Slim, elegant, delicate and very original cat.

Oriental cats are very delicate and sensitive. As a result, they expect love, tenderness and closeness on the part of man. Their bond with the owner is very strong, and any violation of it causes emotional problems in the cat. In addition, cats of this breed do not like to stay alone in the house, so if someone stays long outside the apartment, he should take under the roof at least two cats of this breed, so that they can play with each other during the absence of the owner. In the case of a short-haired variety, their fur does not require any special care. All oriental cats have large amounts of energy and love to play, run and spend time actively.

Oriental cats have a very gentle nature and are not demanding. That is why they are ideal for beginner breeders. Occasionally, their excessive activity may interfere, but on the other hand they do not let you ever get bored with your owner. They always want to be crazy, hunt or have fun together. In addition, they are very intelligent and learn new things easily, they can retrieve small items, play with different toys and perform various acrobatics in the air. They are also very curious. Nothing can escape their attention and they must always be where something is happening. They are able to adapt to different conditions and also accept other animals. Oriental cats are very agile and lively. They can climb trees. Despite the need for freedom and independence, it does not bother them when they are taken out for a walk on a leash.

Oriental cats are usually very healthy and can easily live up to 18 years.
The perfect owner – A person with a large apartment or a house with a garden, understanding both physical and mental needs of cats. Oriental cats will feel better in families with children and with young and energetic people. For the elderly, their mobility and constant need for fun can be a problem.