Interesting Facts

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The nearest exhibition with our participation –  12 / 13.01.2019 Piaseczno 02 / 03/02/2019 Hanover (Germany)  09/1-.02.2019  Toruń

Mascot – 2x CAC, NOM, BIV (Nadarzyn), EX1, CACIB, NOM BIS, BIS, BOB AND (Toruń)

Casimir – 2x CAC, NOM BIS, BOS (Piaseczno) 2x CACIB (Toruń)

Balthazar – WCF Ring adult 2/32; Special Show RUS 1/16; 2x CAC, NOM BIS, BIS, BOB IV (Toruń)

Jazz – 2x CACJ, BIS, NOM BIS, WCF Ring Young 1/20 (Toruń); CAC, NOM BIS, BIS, BOB I, WCF Ring Adult 1/32 (Toruń); CACIB, NOM BIS, BIS, BOB II WCF Ring Adult 6/32 (Toruń)

Fidelis – 2x CACP NOM BIS (Legionowo); 2x CAC, NOM BIS, BIS, BOB II WCF Ring Adult 3/21

Karim – 2x CAC, NOM, BIV (Sopot); 2x EX1 NOM (Warsaw); CH – IC

Emilka – 2x CACIB, NOM BIS, BIS, BOB IV; Special Show RUS 2/15

Ilza – 2x CACJ, NOM BIS, BIV (Toruń); EX1, CAC, NOM BIS, BIS cat.4 (Łódź)

Karima – 2x CACJ (Legionowo); 2x CACP, NOM BIS, BIS (Toruń); 2x CAC, NOM BIS, BOS

Calipso – 2x CACP, WCF Ring Young 1/22; 2x EX 1 (Warsaw); 2x EX1 (Łódź)

Elisaweta Dragomira – EX 1, BIV, NOM (Wrocław); EX1, NOM BIS, BOS (Toruń)

Ricool – 2x CACP, NOM BIS (Piaseczno)

Tamira – 2x EX1 (Łódź); 2X CACJ, NOM BIS, WCF Ring Kiten 8/17 (Radom), 3x Ex1 – CAC

Pineta – 2x CACP, NOM BIS, BOS (Radom), 3x EX1 CACJ

Caramella – 3x CACP, NOM BIS (Odessa – Ukraine), 2x EX1, NOM, BIV (Vinnitsa-Ukraina), 3x CACJ

Dodo – Junior Champion, 2x BOB II Junior (Pruszków)

Cat records

The oldest registered cat in history was Crème Puff, who lived to be 38 years old.
The smallest adult cat in history was called Tinker Toy. It weighed less than half a kilogram, it was long at 19 and high at 7 cm.
The cat that gave birth to the most offspring was American Dusty, a happy mother of 420 kittens over the space of her eighteen-year-old life.
The Australian is the weight record – the heaviest cat in the world was Himmy, weighing 22.44 kg.

Cat’s whiskers serve as advanced sonar. They are so sensitive that they do not have to touch the object to detect it. The nerves associated with the whiskers are so sensitive that they detect air movement around obstacles in their path. They owe this phenomenon to the ability to maneuver in the field they can not see. The cat’s muzzle is decorated with an average twelve mustache on each side, arranged in four rows.

Not such a devil, or a few words about TOXOPLAZMOZY. Is the cat really the main culprit or panic that occurs in pregnant women, and having a cat is justified?
Toxoplasmosis is caused by Toxoplasma gondii protozoa. This intracellular parasite, full developmental cycle passes only in felids. This cycle ends with the expulsion of oocysts to the external environment, their number may reach up to one million in 1 g of the faeces of the infected animal. The oocyst sowing period varies from 1 to 21 days. After 2-4 days, in optimal environmental conditions, the oocysts sporulate and become invasive. What is of great importance, because potentially having a cat who is ill with toxoplasm at home, who fired the oocysts in the feces, cleaning the cuvette every day, there is no risk of getting infected with this parasite, because there must be a min. 24 h so that the oocysts will eat! Dogs and cats can repeatedly infect toxoplasmosis during their lifetime, most animals have antibodies that protect animals from re-invasion, which means that they are no longer a source of infection for humans! Man infects with toxoplasmic oocysts with food, water or hands contaminated with soil, and cysts – by eating raw meat. First of all, pork, less beef or mutton. Cats fed with commercial wet or dry food, have no chance of getting toxic toxoplasm. What’s even more interesting, the serological tests carried out in Wielkopolska for pregnant women in the direction of toxoplasmosis, combined with a detailed environmental history, showed that the vast majority of women with positive results (81.0%) did not have a cat at home! Washing vegetables and fruits and cooking meat are the basis for fighting the disease.Also carried out properly prevention and proper feeding of our pet, completely protect the cat, and thus man against infection with this very dangerous parasite, about which circulate numerous myths and legends.