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Our youngest, six-month-old Russian female cat blue – Ilza of the first and second day of the exhibition got the highest EX1 notes and the CACJ title in its age group, was nominated for encores as well as on the boxing ring twice has filled 6 space for 21 cats.

Galija – the seven-month-old Egyptian Mau kitty also obtained the highest EX1 notes and the CACJ title, was nominated for encores and on the boxing ring twice to 21 cats has filled 10 place.



First and second day of the exhibition Emilka, Ursa and Galija won the best notes “EX”, so they are the cats perfect. They took the podium on the highest places of the place. Additionally they competed on the boxing ring. Emilka take 4 place to 21 cats, Ursa 5, Galija 4 – every in one’s age group. Galija was for the first time at the exhibition and already got the first day 1 place – EX1 CACP and won the comparison winning a BEST IN cup of the Show but the second EX1 CACP day in the process for her age group – the top one spot – BEST OPPOSITE SH KITTEN Sex. in the category Favourite of the audience of the girl filled 2 place. Warmly we are thanking a lot for cast votes for my kittens and for arriving at the Exhibition.



Our cats take the 2nd place in Best of Best, Ursa Fabian and Emilka. Thank you for yours voices and nice words.


TORUŃ 2015

FABIANEK (Name from the birth certificate Fuad Husn I )was competing is CAP Alter Class category – that is eunuch class over ten months old. He received very high notes EX1 and was shown additionally in NOM BIS class – that is comparison with other cats.

URSA was competing in CACP-kitten Class 3-6 category, which is for 3-6 months old kittens. She was awarded  1st prize in EX1 CACP and she additionally took part in  NOM BIS just as Fabian did. Apart from that she was put forward in the WCF RING category where she was awarded 6th position .

Emilka also took part in CACP-kitten 3-6 months and she was awarded 3rd position EX3 twice.

All the cats received fantastic notes. They were enjoying a lot of interest from the visitors.

Thank you for visiting the show and for the votes for Fabian in the Favorite of the Audience category.